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Client Project: 4 Steps to a More Masculine Home

We have many clients that come to us needing help 
making their home look more “masculine” yet attractive. 
Whether it is a wife, who wants their home to be pleasing to the husband, 
or a bachelor who wants his home to be a “man cave” without the “cave”… 
we get this request often!
And it doesn’t have to include a frumpy old couch and a lava lamp!!
So how do we do it?? Whats our secret??
Here are 4 tips we nailed down to create this look
for our Bachelor in Uptown:

Mix and Match:
We like to mix and match our metals, materials and times. For example, mixing 
the old with the new, using both bronze and polished metals are all ways to help 
a space feel less “formal” and add a masculine touch.

Textures – Leather, Wood and Metal:
Solid, heavy and seemingly “bulky” textures are perfect ways to incorporate 
attractiveness into a “manly” space. You don’t have to go out and find an 
old brown leather couch in order to do this. We used a stunning 
charcoal leather on this sectional and a dark, thick coffee table 
to give this room a “heavier” feel.

Angles not Curves:
Pretty self explanatory — Men don’t want “curly q’s” in their space. 
Sharp lines, quick angles and straight edges are the way to go.

Color Combos:
Neutral Base – Always start with a gray/taupe/beige neutral base and build off of that. 
If all the major upholstery pieces are neutral, you can create any color 
scheme in the artwork and accessories to bring some color into the space.

You don’t have to turn into “Frank” off “Father of the Bride” to have an 
amazing, put together, and masculine home. 😉


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