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Choosing the PERFECT Large Chandelier

Part of the fun of a new construction project is being able to do site visits and see the progress that is made each day, week and month that passes!
This site visit was a special one as we were able to see the entryway of this gorgeous home take shape. It helped us begin to visualize what kind of amazing chandelier will be needed for this space.
How can you pick the PERFECT, large, modern chandelier?? 
There are several factors to take into consideration to ensure the RIGHT chandelier is selected for the space and will fit to scale within the design.
1. The Height of the Room:
Do you need something that drops significantly from the ceiling, or sticks closer to the top? If you’ve got height, you will want you chandelier to drop a good amount.


2. What is Below the Light:
Is this an entryway where no furniture will be below, or a dining room where the light will directly be lighting a specific spot? This will help in choosing a fixture with indirect or direct lighting.


3. The Shape of the Space:
Round, Square or Rectangle? What do you have going on? Many times, you can echo the shape of the space with your fixture!


4. The “Openness” of the Room:
If the room is large, grand and lite well, an open, large chandelier might be the key!
Stay tuned to see what we pick for this custom build’s stunning entryway!



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