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5 Simple Pumpkin Centerpieces to Perfect Your Place

It’s officially October and even though it was 95 degrees in Texas today … we are feeling the FALL spirit. And ready to prep our home for the upcoming holidays with pumpkin centerpieces.
It’s easy to go into the attic and pull out all your old Autumn decor out … but don’t you want a fresh look this year? And it STILL be an easy thing to do?
Here are 5 fun ideas by Real Simple that caught our eye!
The Succulent Pumpkin:
This is our personal fav. Simply cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin and clean the inside out … and insert a succulent planter in the hole!
pumpkin centerpiece


The Terrarium Pumpkin:
This can be done a couple different ways. Use a glass fish bowl and add moss, small pumpkins and pine cones, OR turn a larger glass vase or bowl upside down on a wood slice and use the same decor items within!
pumpkin centerpiece
The Decoupage Pumpkin:
This one is a kid favorite. Using Mod-Podge and artificial leaves … create your own design on the outside of the pumpkin!
pumpkin decor
 The Stacked Pumpkin:
These slightly resemble mushrooms and we love the stacked appearance. Using wooden skewers, attach a couple of pumpkins on either end and finish the bottom with a little moss!
pumpkin decor


The Metallic Pumpkin:
Another one of our favs — using copper leaf sheets and gilding adhesive … create your own pattern and apply the gilding adhesive where you want the metallic to be, then apply the copper leaf to the pumpkin. Beautiful!
Happy Pumpkin Decorating! Hope you enjoyed our tips for pumpkin centerpieces!


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