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5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is here! And Here are 5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas.
 While many of you may have already “decked your halls” with plenty of spooky decor…. IF you haven’t yet, or need a few ideas for MORE frightening fun…
Read on to find a few easy ideas that YOU can do at home!
1.) Chalkboard Paint Family Portrait Pumpkins!
– It’s as simple as can be! Grab yourself a pumpkin and a can of Rustoleum Chalk Paint to paint a circle on the pumpkin… Then put your artistic skills to work and draw your family 😉


2.) Natural Fall Banner. 
Take your dog on a nice walk and pick up some bright color leaves along the way! Using string and clothes pins (you can paint the clothes pins for added color) …
string up your fall finds for a colorful decor piece!
5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas


3.) Go Simple. 
With all the fallen leaves around… this is bound to be plenty of empty branches to be found. using a few select pieces, a mason jar and a couple of simplistic white pumpkins… this stylistic setting gave a beautiful bare look.
5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas
4.) Handmade Bat Bunting
– print out a picture of a bat and trace it onto black construction paper. Cut out each bat and tape to a piece of string to create your very own “bat bunting!”
5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas


5.) Fright Banner
And what holiday is complete without a “pinterest” banner to adorn your mantel?!
5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas
Happy Halloween Decorating with 5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas!


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