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Fright Lights!

Countdown to Halloween!
This is your reminder to get up in the attic and pull down your Fall and Halloween decorations.  I know you want to skip it this year, but do it for the kids!
Here’s another great DIY project from the free magazine,
(go to the site and register for this if you don’t get it! Great project ideas)
Fright Lights!
1. Draw a face on a frosted glass shade with a pencil. We chose bell-shaped
glass shades (#39040*). Using a permanent marker, trace and fill in the face.
 It may take several coats to fully cover.

2. Apply black spray paint (#282318) to both sides of a 6-inch saucer (#94456).
Allow to dry.

3. Place a small flameless candle (#166531) in the saucer, and cover with
     the glass shade.
Easy Peasy… and cheap to boot!
Here are some other Fright Sights:

Thanks for the images, Ms. Martha Stewart!

My goal for October is to turn some frightening rooms into enlightening rooms!

Until next time,
Images via* Moi, Lowes, Martha Stewart

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